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January/February 2015


I hope all your resolutions are going as planned.

I want to take a moment and thank all of you that have supported me this past year. It has meant a lot to me in so many ways, that I cannot adequately express my thanks! I would like to be able to support you in any way I can, within real estate and outside real estate. If I can be of service, please do not hesitate to let me know what I can do!

As you may have noticed though some of the newsletters, but mostly the monthly e-mails and if you are following me on twitter, I keep a keen eye on the market, though the statistics, activity, being active in the current market place, following all the forecasts etc. What I can say is that now is a great time to buy! Absolutely a fabulous time. The interest rates are incredible. Amazing! Terrific! The opportunity is wonderful! How else can I express this! Historically low rates are giving the home buyer incredible buying power! Will this trend continue? Well it appears for a little while at least. Not sure the banks like it, however this is a great opportunity! Also given the fact that despite Tucson prices have continued to dip a little, it has really been relatively stable! Not too much change over the past full year.

How about those gas prices? I can't help but think of the gas price savings. It has allowed many people to save some money! One can only hope there will be a trickle down that will lower our grocery bills, clothing, and other general supplies, due to the reduced cost of producing all these items. This can only help our pocket book and the real estate market. Over the years I have noticed when there is a slight dip in gas prices, the real estate market picks up. Prices also seem to go up a little. We will see if this trend continue! Other factors that contribute to the trends are investors. There are less investors buying, which contributes to more stable or declining prices. There are a few reasons for less investors: 1. Prices are a little high for them. 2. Rents have been dropping due to the fact there has been overbuilding of rental properties and there are so many rentals on the market due to sellers not being able to sell at their price. 3. Lenders are still tuff! Another factor that effects the market, is the lack of high paying jobs.

Given all that, it still makes for a good time to buy!

If you are interested in finding out more about buying or if you own a home and are considering selling, please do not hesitate to call me for more information!

Happy New Year!

Date Avg. Sales Price Days on Market # Sold
Dec 2014 $205,015 61 1076
Nov 2014 $206,882 58 917
Oct 2014 $210,454 64 1060
Dec 2013 $202,342 54 1038
Nov 2013 $191,763 51 933
Oct 2013 $192,433 50 1130

News, Notes, Upcoming Events…

  • The city offers clean up for neighborhoods. A good program to look into: http://es.tucsonaz.gov/es/neighborhood-cleanups
  • Here is a great site that gives you access to traffic updates, traffic cameras, freeway travel times, etc: http://www.az511.gov/adot/files/
  • If you have been downtown, you will have noticed the new parking meters, with their increased price. Here is where you can get more info: For more information on the meters, how they work, and how to use them, visit: http://www.ParkTucson.com
  • Federal Housing Administration would lower its annual insurance premiums by 0.5 percentage point could make it possible for a quarter-million more borrowers to buy their first homes, according to the agency’s estimates. Savings of $900/year.

Did You Know…

  • Eskimos use refrigerators to keep food from freezing.
  • Due to earth’s gravity it is impossible for mountains to be higher than 49 000 feet (15,000 metres).
  • Valentine’s Day originates from the ancient Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia, which was celebrated on 15 February in honor of the gods Lupercus and Faunus, as well as the legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus.
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1342 E. 10th St

Great 3 bedroom home near the U of A! Beautiful wood floors, roomy kitchen, storage, new carpet, all the appliances...

2708 E. Lee

Great home near the U of A! Charm! Updated! Extra 2 car garage/storage. 3 bedrooms, appliances including built in microwave

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