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November/December 2015


Great weather! Lots of family getting ready to gather! Golf courses are in better shape! Real estate has been relatively steady! Interest rates remain very good! Lots going on!
If you have been reading my twitter feed or getting the monthly e-mail news you will have noticed that the prices have been relatively steady. A slight dip in price for a few months, a slight increase another month, then a slight dip again. The total amount of homes on the market has been slowly increasing.
I just heard some economists comment on how the lower gas prices have been helping the economy. (In Canada it has hurt the dollar). Well, the saving does come in handy during this time of year.
I hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season. A wonderful time to reflect on all the wonders around us.

Caring for your Arizona landscape in Winter
Tucson winter seasons and how it can relate to frost damage and care of your landscape.
Just after getting acclimated to the extreme heat, plants can get hit by “the worst frost Tucson has seen in 100 years”. That extreme temperature fluctuation can happen often, so what to do? Here are some tips that might be helpful to you.

Does where you live make a difference? YES.
Lower areas are susceptible to frost where cold air settles, rather than the Foothills areas where temperatures tend to stay warmer. Colder areas are mostly along the washes (e.g. the Rillito River), and one of the worst areas that freezes with regular consistency is the Tanque Verde wash and golf course. Plants and trees that flourish in other parts of Tucson will not make it through the first winter here.


  • Our first frost of winter “usually” comes during the night when the clouds clear after the first rain during the winter months.
  • Covering your plants with cloth not plastic* is helpful to protect them against severe frost. However, most plants even though the leaves have turned brown, recover in the spring.
    *Plastic will transfer the cold when touching the plant.

So what should you do?

  • Cover expensive cactus and exotic plants in severe frost. The effort is worth the cost of damage.
  • Lantana, Bougainvillea and other similar plants usually turn brown, but will grow back in spring.
  • Citrus trees are also susceptible to severe frost. Most lemons froze to the ground in the last two years in the severe 100 year frost, and even though they appear to be coming back, they are only suckers from the sour orange trunk they were grafted on to.
  • I recommend you wait and prune your frost damaged plants and ground cover at least until the end of February. Even though they are unsightly, the dead growth is a blanket of cover for what is still alive below.

Article courtesy of Cherry Landscape

Date Avg. Sales Price Days on Market # Sold
Sep 2015 $206,766 61 1203
Aug 2015 $211,068 63 1276
July 2015 $210,570 61 1470
Sep 2014 $201,530 59 1038
Aug 2014 $191,763 65 1158
July 2014 $192,433 60 1176

Statistics gathered from Tucson Multiple Listing Service

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