Arizona's Official Neckwear

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On April 22, 1971, Arizona Governor Jack Williams made the bolo tie the state's official neckwear. The bolo tie is recognized as a unique part of Western wear that dates back to the 1940s. It is made by placing decorative metal tips at the ends of a cord and securing it with a sliding ornamental clasp. Wickenburg, Arizona cowboy Victor Cedarstaff claims to have invented it after getting the idea from tying his hat around his neck to keep it from blowing off.

Bolo ties have shifted in and out of fashion since the 40s but have always been a part of southwestern and Native American culture since their invention. In the 50s, bolo ties were popular in the United Kingdom; then, in the 90s, east Asian cultures also adopted the style. Today, bolo ties are common at rodeos and traditional southwest events.

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